VZP provides both Public and Private Health Insurance in the Czech Republic

Which one is for me and how to connect?

VZP Public Health Insurance
Foreigners residing temporarily in the Czech Republic on a Work Permit, but NOT their family members

VZP Private Health Insurance
Foreign worker’s family members,

Students, Professors, Diplomats and Entrepreneurs

VZP Public Health Insurance
Citizens and Permanent Residents of the Czech Republic or participating EU member states

Read below then

Read below then

The primary difference between VZP Public and VZP Private, is that VZP Private foreigners health insurance in the Czech Republic excludes all pre-existing conditions and is prepaid for the entire coverage period in advance based on the rate schedule, and not a percentage of wages like with Public Health Insurance. VZP Public insurance is only available to foreign individuals working here under a salaried contract. Their family members are NOT eligible but can purchase VZP Privately.
Click here to enroll your family members in VZP Private.

If you need assistance with your Public VZP Health Insurance, such as a replacement ID card,change of address or family status or to obtain documents for your home country’s social service system, please visit the nearest VZP location in person.  Click here for locations.

Be sure to bring your passport, employer contract and all health insurance related documents with you. Like most other financial matters, VZP administrates everything in writing and not over the phone but you can try to get information at +420.952 222 222


Since VZP for Foreigners is NOT authorized to administrate Public VZP Insurance, DO NOT CALL OR VISIT their offices since they do not have ANY access to your records and can not assist you.


If you need a doctor, VZP Public Insurance does not offer any medical referral service

like elsewhere this website. Please search the internet for an English speaking doctor near you who accepts Public VZP.


Should your employment change or if you relocate to another country, please contact us to continue your Health Insurance requirement  with our private plans.


IMPORTANT since VZP Public Health Insurance provides limited emergency coverage  for medical costs abroad and no coverage beyond the EU-Schengen Zone, please visit our Travel Insurance page before planning your next trip abroad. Free travel insurance as available to the U.S. when scheduling your medical exam for LifeInsuranceAbroad.com

Health Insurance for your Visa from the creators of VZPforForeigners.cz

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