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The Gold Plan provides both outstanding access and coverage in the Czech Republic as well as in countries beyond the EU-Schengen Zone including the U.S., Canada and UK

at superior medical facilities with same-day medical access.


Approved medical facilities accept our Gold Card after you have phoned the AXA Assistance telephone number on the back of your card for verification of your coverage and to pre-certify your medical need and schedule your doctors appointment at the nearest participating medical facility.

Orthopedic, Physical, Rehabilitative, Psychological, or Speech therapy.

Pediatric Care, Cosmetic or other elective Surgery. Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Holistic remedies are limited to the terms and conditions below.


To schedule an appointment at private clinics not listed by AXA Assistance, please contact Poliklinika Na Narodni, Child Friendly or Canadian Medical directly and forward your appointment details to


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